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running skirt review: skirtsports “gymgirl”

SkirtSports’ GymGirl is one of my favorites.

skirtsports gymgirl

This style would make a good starter skirt for any ladies worried about running in a skirt. They are a bit longer than most others I’ve tried, and have shorts underneath for a little more coverage. Before I tried this skirt, I was concerned about the attached shorts instead of briefs. My first skirt (which I suppose I should review one of these days) has shorts, and it just isn’t that comfortable.

SkirtSports version, however, felt fantastic from the first time I tried it on. The mesh shorts are breathable, soft and stretchy. The lighter colors are a bit sheer, so I wouldn’t recommend them for yoga, but I wouldn’t hesitate to do a downward dog in my black skirt (not pictured, since it’s pretty much the same. Just in all black).

I love this skirt so much I’ll even show you what’s underneath!

skirtsports under skirt

The shorts don’t ride up and are comfortable for long and short runs. During a 16-mile run I did have to pull them down a tiny bit. That’s understandable — on those really long runs you’re going to be adjusting just about anything you’re wearing!

My black skirt is a newer version with two pockets instead of one in the others. Both versions have a buttonhole on the side for your headphones so you can stow your mp3 player in the pocket. The black one also added some stretchy grip tape to the shorts, I guess to hold them in place better. I thought the others were fine without it!

skirtsports gymgirl snowflake

I love this Snowflake version (no longer available on their site, but Sierra Trading Post still has some). Yes, it is very shiny like it appears. It isn’t really skirt weather during the holiday season around here, but I’ll find a way. I’ve seen COOLMAX tights somewhere. I did run in it once last week when we had some mild weather. Even though I don’t believe in decorating for the holidays until after Thanksgiving, I allowed myself to dress festive. There might not be another opportunity to run with bare legs until the spring!

skirtsports bikegirlI’m going to sneak one more skirt here that isn’t a running skirt — it’s a bike skirt!

BikeGirl is basically the same skirt with a built-in chamois and silicone grips to hold the shorts in place. I used this a lot over the summer.

It’s comfortable and cute. One time when I was riding, a woman opened her car window to ask about it while stopped at a light!

Skirts are growing in popularity. In the past year since I’ve made the switch, I’m seeing more skirted women each race.

What are you waiting for? Join us!

running skirt review:

I’m pretty sure my first purchase from helped convert me to running skirts for good.

They were also the first skirts I bought that have attached briefs rather than shorts underneath. At first I was a little concerned about coverage, but no worries. These skirts keep you covered!

I love these skirts and have turned quite a few friends onto them. My only complaint is that there sizing tends to be a bit inconsistent.

running skirt green

My first order was during a sale. (Sign up for their mailing list — they have sales a few times a year!) There were limited colors in my size, but I found two I liked. The green pictured above, and a black and gold skirt.

I was thrilled with the green skirt, but the black and gold one didn’t fit as well. The attached brief was a bit snug. I emailed to ask about the sizing, and they told me the black and gold skirt ran small. They offered to exchange it, but I had already worn it. The fit wasn’t too bad, so I decided to just keep it.

My next order was during another sale. I ordered this two-tone blue skirt:

running skirt blue

And a brown/pink skirt. Again I had sizing issues. The blue one fit just fine, but the brown/pink one is much tighter. I really should have exchanged that one for the size up, but I just kept it again rather than pay to ship it back.

Since I had two skirts that fit great, I figured it was just a fluke that two didn’t fit as well. When I won a free skirt from their site, I went with the same size again. This time I got the brown/aqua.

running skirt brown / aqua

While not nearly as bad as the pink one, it is still considerably tighter than the others. It’s a bit too snug for my liking, but I still wear it anyway!

I did finally order the next size up when I bought this skirt:

running skirt black / purple

I love the way it fits, but the waistband is a bit too loose. If I put anything in the pockets it kind of pulls my skirt down, and sometimes even with empty pockets I find myself hiking up my skirt.

OK, so this seems to have gotten a little negative. It’s just been a little frustrating trying to figure them out. I really love my skirts!

These are fantastic skirts. They’re extremely comfortable, even in the summer heat. They stay put, even when dumping cups of water over your head during a half marathon in August.

And they’re really cute!

running skirt review: skirtsports “rollergirl”

In the spring of 2007, I bought my first running skirt. It has since become an obsession. In the past year and a half, I have acquired quite a collection.

This past spring and summer, I sported skirts instead of shorts. I started photographing them months ago with plans of this skirt review series. I figure it’s about time to get started, now that I’m just about ready to pack them away for the winter!

skirt sports -- roller girl
First up is the RollerGirl skirt, by SkirtSports. The version I have (in three colors!) is last season’s; it appears the current RollerGirl is more of a “lifestyle” skirt than an athletic one. (Though, the version I have is still available through Sierra Trading Post.)

Anyway, I like this skirt. It’s got a bit of an A-line cut, which is more flattering than some of the tighter-fitting skirts. The skirt is a breathable mesh fabric, and the undershorts have a bit more coverage than the briefs in their traditional skirts. They call them “GirlShorties.”

I like the fit of the waistband on these skirts, though with this brand, I’ve learned I have to size up. Check the size charts on SkirtSports’ web site and go with your largest measurement. I’m a curvy girl and have to order to fit my hip measurement. This means I’m ordering a size which doesn’t really make me happy, but it certainly looks better when I’m not squeezing into a tiny skirt!

skirt sports -- roller girlIt’s comfortable to run in these skirts, and there are pockets in the undershorts. The downside is you kind of have to flash people to get stuff in or out of the pockets.

For example, sometimes we run at the Naval Academy and need to bring ID. My license fits perfectly in the pocket, but I have to flip up my skirt to get it out. I’m sure the guards don’t mind!

This would bother me with the lower-cut brief, but I feel pretty covered with the “GirlShorties.”

For the most part, they stay put when running. Except for some reason, they ride up a bit on the yellow/pink skirt. But only on the right side.

The back of the skirt says “TRIKS” (skirt backwards), which used to be their logo. But it seems they’ve moved away from that in favor of a little skirt icon.

skirt sports -- roller girl

These skirts are a great addition to my collection. I’m also a big fan of this brand. Sign up for their newsletter for deals, and check their outlet store and Sierra Trading Post for bargains!