race report: happy runner half marathon challenge

Felice, who blogs at The Happy Runner, decided early this year that she would run her first half marathon.

And she wanted all her blogging friends to join her!

And the Happy Runner Half Marathon Challenge was born. (Well, her second son was also born  — just four months ago!)

Felice’s goal race was the 13.1 New York City Marathon on April 2 — but challenge participants would play along at home virtually. We could either run the half marathon distance, or break it up and cover 13.1 over the weekend, from April 1-3.

Since I already had a 10-mile race scheduled for April 3, I gladly joined the challenge. Surely I could add another 3.1! At first I thought I may add some mileage before or after my race, but plans changed. I was originally going to do a local race not far from my house. But then a friend who was registered for the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run became injured and unable to race. I couldn’t let her spot go to waste!

I decided I’d run my own 5K around my neighborhood on Saturday. I slept until I felt like waking up, and got ready to go! I did a slowish warm-up mile and then headed back home for a wardrobe change.  I’m trying to transition into my Newtons again. While I loved them, my foot did not. I don’t think the foot problem is gone, and I probably need new orthotics, but I still want to try to very, very slowly to ease into them again!

Anyway, I swapped out my shoes and changed shirts because it was a lot warmer out than I expected. Excellent! A few more loops through my neighborhood and I was done.  Not a particularly fast 5K, but I got it done in 31:12.

I had a very early wake-up call on Sunday so that I could meet my friends and travel into DC for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler. I decided I’d run this slow with my friends rather than try to race it.  My regular running partner’s sister was running her first race in about 10 years, and was very undertrained fro the distance. But she insisted on running the whole time (we tried to talk her into Galloway run/walk), only walking at water stops. She did great!

My finish time was 1:56:05. Not bad. It’s quite enjoyable taking your time to enjoy such a scenic course. I took some photos along the way, and was surprised that some of them came out OK! (They’re usually a blurry mess.)

Cherry Blossom 10-miler

Almost done!

I even managed to snap a self-portrait while running. I don’t do this a lot, and was surprised I didn’t cut off my head!

When we add my 5K and 10-miler together for my Happy Runner Half Marathon, my total time is 2:27:17.  Thanks to the Goofy Challenge last year, that’s not even my slowest half marathon!

Felice totally rocked her half marathon, beating her A goal by almost two minutes and finishing in a speedy 1:49:26.

Congratulations Felice and Happy Runner Challenge participants!

5 thoughts on “race report: happy runner half marathon challenge

  1. Looks like it was beautiful!

    I really wanted to run it to see the cherry blossoms. Then I remembered I don’t look up when I run.


    Lauren @ merrymishaps Reply:

    When I ran Marine Corps, there was one part of the course (Haines Pt) that I really enjoyed. By the water, so pretty! I thought I had never been there before. Oh no, the Cherry Blossom course does that. And I had run Cherry Blossom before. I didn’t even realize it!


  2. Aw, thanks!

    Nice job on your half! I would love to do the Cherry Blossom 10-miler some year. It’s just always seemed like a great race to me.


    Lauren @ merrymishaps Reply:

    I did this race one other time. The blossoms were past-peak, and it was cold and rainy. Plus we got their too late and didn’t have time to wait in the long port-o-pot lines, so I had to pee for 10 miles.

    This year, it was perfect! And running it slow made it more enjoyable. It’s tough to focus on speed for so long!


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