where is my mind?

Sing it with me …

Late last year, I decided I was going to run the Baltimore Marathon in October instead of Marine Corps 2011. I had such a great time at last year’s MCM and initially thought I would do it again, but changed my mind when Baltimore registration opened up in December. I signed up the day it opened!

I decided I wanted to focus on running different races, and figured I could always do Marine Corps again  some other time.

But I kept the MCM registration date in my calendar.

And I still follow the race on Facebook and Twitter.

And I was seeing status updates and tweets when friends signed up.

And then there’s this 50K I’ve been thinking about on November 12. No, I wouldn’t *race* Marine Corps … I’d just use it as a training run!

Still, I successfully avoided registering on Wednesday when it opened.

Then this morning, a co-worker came into my office and declared he was going to run the marathon. He is not even a runner right now, but is getting himself some new shoes this weekend and is ready to start training!

And then I looked on the website and saw “90% Full” this morning.

And I saw the status updates and tweets counting down how few spots were open.

And this happened.

Oh yeah.  I’ve lost my mind. But I may have found a theme song for my marathon training!

Who else is running?

11 thoughts on “where is my mind?

  1. LOL! It is funny how fast your mind changes when a race is filling up. At least you are prepped to use it as a training run instead of trying to hurt yourself with racing closely to other events. It is still funny. And the song choice is perfect (I love The Pixies!)


    Lauren @ merrymishaps Reply:

    I know! Especially one I enjoyed so much …

    Currently the plan will probably be to Galloway run/walk MCM (my training will likely be a mix). That way I *can’t* try to beat last year’s time! Baltimore is a harder race, so I won’t be expecting PRs this year. I’m OK with that!


  2. Those status updates from the race director have a magical way of sucking you in, don’t they? Glad you got in. I was shocked at how quickly it sold out.


    Lauren @ merrymishaps Reply:

    Seems things are selling out faster and faster … gotta pick your races and sign up ASAP!


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