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I have one more race left in 2010. Sort of.

My next race will be virtual — I’ll be running on my own as part of the Operation Jack Marathon satellite option.

Do you know about Operation Jack? Well, click on that link and read all about it … but the gist is that this amazing man, Sam Felsenfeld, has run 60 marathons this year, raising money for Train 4 Autism in honor of his autistic son, Jack. His 61st and final marathon of the year will be the Operation Jack Marathon. I would love to run it, but I’ll settle for the at-home version.

For the satellite run I’m supposed to do 6.1 miles, but we’ll see how I’m feeling. Maybe I’ll double it! Though, I don’t want to push it … it’s been a slow month.

I technically haven’t registered yet since I was planning on fundraising — the minimum is only $30 so that’s easy, right? Well, I’ve also been a slacker and haven’t actually asked anybody to donate until now.

I have no problem donating the money myself, but it’d be great if I could help raise a little more to help Jack and children like him.

Can you donate a small amount? Even just $1 ?

I met Sam at the Marine Corps Marathon expo, and I’m really touched by what he’s doing. I’m glad I can do a small part to help!

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